FRESNO TIMES (Chapter 5) : Kirk and Sparrow : A Teenage Love Story


After blond bomb shell Candy Happyseasons had let him down big time, Kirk quickly found solace in the arms of his one true love, Sparrow Mackerel. She had thick, long dark blond hair with that special ‘I don’t know what’ mystery about her. It drove all of the boys into a frenzy. Through Kirk’s eyes she seemed to float around like a living angel; she was beautiful and perfect. Candy became a forgotten memory and he was so jazzed that it hadn’t worked out, otherwise he wouldn’t have known true love with Sparrow. On top of being beautiful, her family was perfect too. Exactly what he didn’t have; he wished often that it WAS his family, aside from Sparrow that is, he didn’t want her as a sister! The Mackerel family was Italian, and Sparrow had two hot sisters too. Everything felt so right with them, like finding that missing puzzle piece you didn’t know existed until you saw it lying on the floor in the bathroom while you were taking a crap reading yesterday’s sport’s page.

High school was going to be terrific, his teeth were straight (after years of a bucked tooth fixer-upper neck brace) and his muscles had grown, he was popular and now he had Sparrow!) Life was good. With his Mom and brothers they had just moved to another new place. But this new house was really nice, he even got his own private bedroom with bathroom back behind the garage. Fifteen and feeling totally free. This was the good life, finally…

They had met their last year of junior high school, checking each other out from afar, mutual friends bringing them in closer contact. That day outside the cafeteria, when she had gotten knocked over accidently was the open door to something new between them.

“Are you okay?” Kirk asked  as he helped her up from the cement floor.

“Oh, I’m okay,” she replied while brushing off her pants and then rearranging her perfect long thick hair. “That guy is such a brute,” she smiled up at Kirk and immediately the chemistry took hold. The initial current from afar suddenly was magnified by a simple touch and her eyes looking into his. He was sure he was gonna get a boner, so forced himself to imagine her on the throne taking a poo so as to thwart oncoming ‘boner mania’. At his age, it had a mind of its’ own. More than once just before recess he had to stay put while everyone else practically ran out of the classroom.

“Oh ummm, I just need to check if I have something in my desk” he would say when questioned why he was still sitting in his chair. And then when he was forced to get out, he would walk bent over and then drop something on the floor, hoping the blood flow would go back to wherever it came from while pretending to slowly pick up whatever decoy he had dropped.

Boldness overtook him and he asked Sparrow, “You wanna sit together for lunch?” He was surprised by his assertiveness, but pleased as she responded by saying yes.

It was the begining of their  love story…Sharing cold macaroni and cheese (she loved it) and they ate it together with their fingers, as she had forgotten a fork and sucking down soda with the same straw. Life was great.


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