Paris Times n°13 ” Jie Jie Goes Shopping” By Matthew Carlson

updated version of French Times n° 13 “Jie Jie Goes Shopping” by Matthew Carlson (fiction)


Jie Jie Solla Bina was angry. So angry that she couldn’t see straight. She couldn’t remember ever being so mad, but the day that Gelledge had come to her house and stolen away her darling Yorkshires was too much! And right in front of her on her own porch too! How dare he speak to her that way – and then run off with her little puffy spoodles, one under each arm. All she could do from her then “floored” position (she had been expertly blocked away and down when she had jumped on the bastard) was to scream for her eldest son to come and help. “O” had arrived very quickly upon the scene but wasn’t gonna catch Gelledge with those damn tennis legs of his!

Terrible feelings of abandonement flew upon her like a flurry of angry vultures on that recently grey bobbed head of hair. “Alone, unloved…

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