Fresno Times N°13 Charleen Aple Worried By Matt Carlson

Charleen Aple sat at the edge of her bed and worried. She worried about her faithful dog MacBeth lying at her feet – cause she was getting old, she worried about her two kids Jeffrey and Tabatha – cause Jeffrey was a wild one and Tabatha too introverted, she worried about the bills – being able to pay them or not for the next month – she worried about her parents as they were getting on in years too, she worried about her health and living with MS….She worried, she worried and then she worried some more.

“Fuck off!” She screamed suddenly out loud. Thankfully the kids were not there. “Fuck, fuck, fuck! ” she screamed again. It felt good to be vulgar and angry, spewing that out with the frustration to the walls. She bent down and gave Macbeth a big hug, telling her that Mommy just needed to ventilate…

It seemed that one image seemed to set off a thought or a memory, and then before she knew it, even her past was there too in her head alongside all of the worries. Was it ghost night or what?? As usual it was hard to go to sleep and those chocolate coverered raisins AND Doritos certainly didn’t help, though they were on that list somewhere of acceptable comfort foods! Then she started worrying about her diet, was she eating right?.. “Fuck!” Not again. Didn’t she have any control of her thoughts anymore?…

She began to consider her age. She was almost 55 and that was alot of years in her head; memories that stayed with you. The more years, the more memories….No wonder old people got so confused after a while. And she wondered about all that “data” and how it could be better organized? How could she put things in their place so that they stayed? And only come out when she chose it…

She thought about computers and their libraries, files of organizing stuff like photos, documents and so on. Couldn’t she do that too, but in her brain??

Her phone suddenly squeaked. She had downloaded a cute Minnie Mouse squeak noise on her telephone. It was Brad. He wanted to see her. Was this a booty call? She thought that things were moving toward the back door, which finally wasn’t such a bad thing after all. He seemed to have almost all of the qualites that she was looking for in a man, but still….there was something not right. Something that she just couldn’t put her finger on. SO she began to worry about that…….!


2 thoughts on “Fresno Times N°13 Charleen Aple Worried By Matt Carlson

  1. lyricalthe10thmuse

    Very astute and quite accurate! The only thing not consistent with the truth: the ring tone…it’s a little bird chirp – not a mouse. 😉 Thank you for this piece. It says more than you could know (though, somehow, I think you do).



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