Gay Couple Wins Australian Open! by Matt Carlson

Paul Herbert Hubert and Mickey Nahuup had known each other for a long time. Mickey was a famous tennis player in France, a professional and a well respected man off and on the courts. Paul aka PH was a young boy learning tennis and as luck would have it, Mickey aka Mic was often there teaching him this beautiful sport during his youth.

It was many years later, when PH found himself selected by the French Federation of Tennis at Roland Garros as an upcoming talent, that they saw each other once again. Ph was now a young man of twenty, Mic in his early thirties and still playing professionally and doing well at that.

Mic was quite tall, with thick dark blond hair, slender of build, but well defined, blue eyes and an unassuming personality. PH was a bit shorter, but not by much, had brown eyes and a well sculptured physique. They were handsome guys, though well over ten years in age difference.

Mic, heterosexual (or though everyone thought) was married and had a child already and PH was out of the closet with his family, comfortable with his sexuality since childhood. He loved men and though he too led a discreet lifestyle, his comfort with his buddies and men in general would have made it easy for him to score. But he wasn’t like that, though he could appreciate the beauty of some of his friends, or a handsome stranger, he was searching for love, just like everyone else his age.

It was at Rolland Garros, during an intensive tennis training session of two weeks that they met up again, PH and Mic. They had gone out for a beer with everyone, and found themselves alone in Mic’s private hotel room after everyone else ahd bailed out to go to bed. One thing led to another, masks came off, especially Mic’s, unsettled by his immediate attraction to an all grown up seductive and sexy PH.

Ph made the first move by touching Mic’s shoulder affectionately; the electricity was immediate and they found each other kissing and hugging like teenagers, dry humping and slobbering all over each other. They just couldn’t get enough : each touch, each caress was exhilerating: it felt so incredibly good. Clothes came off rapidly and before they knew what had happened, the most intimate of relations incurred between them.

Needless to say, the next morning was a bit embarrassing, not to each other, but in leaving the room so as not to announce to the world their private business. It was a whirlwind love affaire, but in the context of an intensive tennis training at Rolland Garrow, well, they had to keep their love affaire under wraps. Not to forget that Mic was married.

Time went on and they found themselves traveling to similar destinations as the tournaments were usually in the same towns and countries. Mic was, of course in the main draws and PH struggeling to win challenger events in order to get into the main draws of tournaments. With the constant presence and help from Mic, PH got better even faster, so fast in fact that when the Australian Open came around, they decided to play doubles together.

It was a doubles team made in heaven, a manner of speaking of course, Mic was always at the net, PH more at the back court, but equally as comforable at the net. They made the perfect, complementary doubles team. Before they knew it, they were in the finals! They had been unseeded, in the shadows of Vaseline and Bennepeau who had won Rolland Garros last year, and were now facing another top team in a grand slam final.

When the last ball was played and PH put away that last volley, they just looked at each other with immense joy! The thousands of people appaluding in the Rod Laver Arena in Australia….But also the millions of others through Internet, television and radio, plus all the social medias.

They moved towards each other like in a slow motion commercial, though everything was actually moving quite fast. There was no hesitation as they moved into each others’ arms, their lips moving towards one other. At contact, it was so natural, so warm, so soft, lips parted and tongues met, saliva and Mic’s unshaven face against PH’s softer one. The audience seemingly did double takes, not sure if what they were seeing was actually happening.

Were Paul Herbert Hubert and Mickey Nahuup actually making out on center court? Making out on the Rod Laver Arena???

Yep. They were. And it was a grand day for many people seeing that.

A gay couple had just won a grand slam title…

A fictional story by Matt Carlson 😉 well, for now anyway


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