New Jersey court smacks down gay conversion therapy as consumer fraud

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Offering gay conversion therapy is an act of consumer fraud, a jury unanimously decided in a New Jersey case today.

Four men sued a nonprofit group called Jews Offering New Alternatives for Healing (JONAH), which claimed to be able to make gay men straight. This is the first time a conversion therapy group has been convicted on consumer protection grounds.

The plaintiffs were awarded a total of $72,000–and the judge has yet to decide on the question of whether the JONAH’s license should be revoked. The group’s defense was that they were helping people struggling with their sexuality. From the Associated Press:

The trial began this month and featured testimony from the men about the group’s methods, which they said included using a tennis racket to beat a pillow that was meant to represent one man’s mother and engaging in role play that included a locker room scene where gay slurs were…

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