Waking Up With Stress by Matt Carlson

Your eyes suddenly open, a thought comes to you. Where from and why?? You only wanted to sleep in longer. And then another thought, and another….Before you know it, several outside agendas have invaded your mind space – thoughts that you have no control over “Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuucù^=@!” and then “HELP!”

I have this happen too – we’re not alone -thank gawd (though it feels like it!)…Where did everybody go now that you need them? And why is my mind making me relive things that I don’t want to think about anymore? And those outside agendas – All those things I “need/have/must”  do – Do they have to all arrive at the same time? Give a guy a break for cryin’ out loud…

There are some things you can do to bring stress levels down a notch in the morning and/or also throughout the day. The first thing is to recognize what it is that is bringing in the stress – disrupting the potential peace in your head that you are so desperately needing…

  1. The night before PLAN. Example: if you misplace your keys often, put them in a designated place ready for tomorrow morning. If it’s traffic that drives you nuts, get up earlier so that you miss it, take back roads that are longer but less frequented….
  2. A 5 minute relaxing meditation moment. Example: Alone, isolated in a chair or under a tree – on a balconey: take deep breaths, feeling that breathing process slowly – push thoughts away with a virtual swat of your hand – breath some more. Concentrate only on your physical body or individual parts of it one at a time: toes, foot, ankle, calves etc, etc, just feeling each member and visualizing it’s position – keep breathing. The objective is NOT to think.
  3. Stretching and breathing. This will get your blood circulating, you will be thinking about that, of course while you place your body in different positions (yoga would be great).
  4. Talk with someone about your stress to get some feedback.
  5. Drink a glass of warm water and lemon. This will help clean out your brains residue.
  6. Plan for something to look forward to during the day. All work and no play makes you BORING as hell – and miserable. Life is to be enjoyed, my friend – not just gotten through!
  7. Try to do things one at a time once you are at work. Focus at looking people in the eyes and really listening to them – don’t just be considering what you are going to say. Be in the moment.
  8. Eat better. Stop the sugars and breads, all junk food. Plan healthy, balanced meals. If there is a long list of ingredients on that container then there is a lot of crap in it!
  9. DECIDE on a mind set : Who are you and what are you about? Are you living who you really are? If not, time to change. Life is about change – not staying the same.  Have a great day – and if you’re not – try having at least a pleasant one with INTENTIONS of that.
  10. PS: Work through that ONGOING problem that is bringing you DOWN – it won’t just go away.
  11. ps/ps: Stop the coffee or at least slow it down…try non décaffinated – you get used to it!

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