Getting Older by matt carlson

Getting Older

by matt carlson

Funny that when you get older, your body starts to betray you. And it’s a good thing that we don’t have mirrors in front of our faces 24/7 – I prefer keeping that younger face, younger silhouette in mind. Everyone else however sees the reality of your falling face, your grey hair (or lack there of) your ass as flat as an ironing board or on the other end of the spectrum, as big as Mount Rushmore. But the betrayal goes much further than physically unappealing aspects.

Your internal organs start working differently – your plumbing especially. You realize at some point that everything is on some kind of schedule, one that doesn’t coincide with your desires, usually. Personally, I don’t mind peeing but now I don’t drink water anymore. It’s on my list of liquids to avoid. that and cow’s milk, which i grew up drinking and just loved. But then some smart Alec went and ‘discovered’ the horrible reality as to how that milk gets to our tables! How would you like to be raped constantly in order to produce milk for another dominant species? And by the way, one needs to be pregnant in order to produce milk, in case you haven’t thought of it.

In any case, the other reality of getting old stepped in anyway. Lactose is not supported by the body very well – especially after a certain age. That means when you drink milk, or eat ice cream and so on, run, run, run to the bathroom and greet your new friends in the toilet bowl…:/

Liquids are not the only problem; food too can be viscous internally. Somethings you just can’t eat anymore. And to get there you must go through the process of finding out which ones: one by one. A joyful journey of self discovery.

Then there’s the back aches, or the hands that hurt (oh god – do I have arthritis?) your eye site gets shot to hell; your hearing too gets worse, you’re always ready to take a nap – sometimes falling asleep without planning it, which can be embarrassing depending on where that happens!

There is soooo much to add, but I’m exhausted already writing this short blog. It’s 10h30 a.m. and I’ve been up for only 3 hours….Yep you guessed it – time for my late morning nap! ;D

ps: It’s actually a good thing getting older when you consider the other option….

And getting older is not the same as being OLD in your head. Use all of your great and other experiences to move on, progress into the ‘next  phase’ of who you are …


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