Animal Farm by Matt Carlson

Seemingly disappointed by their great fall & stuck on the wet, cemented or dirt part of the ground, they  silently waited. Would the breath of the wind come? Perhaps a child’s hand to pick them up & admire their beauty? Or maybe a rake? Not so long ago they had ruled the trees, had been in cohorts with the sun, the sky and the birds – so sure of their foreverness. Even the moon sang to them…Now, their outer edges frayed, in varying stages of decomposition, brownish & blackened, they lay patiently. Two days of icy rain added to the crock pot effect: Mother Natures way of cold cooking her elements, of transfomation.

This was dog poop land & so excrement was disposited here & there along the row of trees & among the dying leaves which added an element of laisser aller by the city’s inhabitants…Some of the more concientious citizens picked up their dog’s fecal matter – always a piece of paper or a plastic bag in their pockets. They seemed to be waving these small papers like flags while awaiting their chocolate covered reward. As if to say: “I’m picking it up! I’m picking it up!”

The major  inhabitants of this great city known as Paris were the humans. They were responsible for running things in a manner of human efficiency – or so they thought. But their ways were selfish and full of self interest. They only liked the leaves or the trees for what was offered to them: a pretty sight, a nice environment to walk their dogs, a quick break fom their stressed & frantic lifestyles. They were not concerned with the oxyen the trees gave or ever wondered about the roots, or the roots well being or even the leaves for that matter. The humans only thought of themselves.

Yet, somehow and in a very complicated manner, the humans were killing themselves off, setting up ‘their’ planet to a most disasterous end. With their industrialized ways of using anything and everything to their own selfish benefit, plant and animal, air and water, land, other people; whatever as long as it served an immediate human purpose. They never considered the big picture of something. The many pieces of the biological puzzle called Earth was being destroyed – there was little time left.

It was at this moment in time when the Orelians appeared from another planet in another galaxy; so far away that the people from Earth hadn’t discovered it yet. The Orelians had a philosophy about cultures that were destructive to healthy biospheres. They simply took over from the irresponsible race and waited until the planet became clean again. When it was ready, they would colonize it and use it’s resources, but in a sustainable manner. And so,  it was the case of the planet Earth. The people were taken off of their planet.

There were many advanced species flying around in the galaxy, species that had incredible scientific advances of thousands and thousands of years – way ahead of Earth and its population. ‘Earthers’ as they were called were considered as monkeys or as dogs – too primitive to have a choice in the matter of their own fate. They had done too much damage to their own ecosystem, had been killing themselves off. There was no other choice. The Orelians had come upon this planet by chance, the lights and energetic emissions had attracted them to it.  To their dismay they had discovered the ‘Earthers’.

The Orelians, extremely intelligent, were cultured  explorers with the necessary fire power to do what they wished. They had been searching for new resources in the sector and this blue planet had everything they required. Too, they’d just discovered a new food delicacy: humans…




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